I do not like to make this statement I am about to make because men are annointed of God and it is the work of God through man that makes men capable of all works, but if I have a “favorite preacher,” then Jeff Arnold would ,hands down, have my vote. It is of this writer’s honest opinion that Jeff Arnold is a crucial aspect of the end time revival whose APOSTOLIC ministry  is needed in the hour we are living. It is frustrating for myself, as a man that aspires so much to follow the will of God and live a Holy and Godly life, that so many have turned their hearts away from the ministry Jeff Arnold is so powerfully used in.

They lable him as rude and crude, which granted I must admit that maybe in some Pentacostal’s  Never Never land mentality of perfection and holiness, they will gasp in horror as Jeff Arnold interjects a certain word or a brash demeanor.  If you think for a minute that his ministry is too rude then please sit under the searching eyes and the bold voice of the Apostle Paul who unapologetically declared to one of his audiences, “our righteousness is as of a filthy and polluted menstral rag,” or in another case in the modern Jewish lingo, “I’m sick and tired of treating you like little babies that only want their mothers milk! You should be eating the meat! Grow up”

What a sad state of affairs when a large organization will cancel his speaking because it offends a select few. What we need is someone that isn’t afraid to hit us right between the eyes with the Truth! Remember the old saying, “Truth hurts?” Well, it does, but Truth changes lives wheras comfort does not.

That said , recommend to anyone that has the stomach to handle a little bit of correction and for someone that has an inkling of meekness to receive the engrafted Word, this series, volume one and two, is a Must. The format is tough at times because basically it is the culmination of sermon materal so it doesn’t flow like a normal non-fiction novel.You will find numerous  life-changing revelations that will challenge your perception of worship and the way we approach God.

If you ever teach on worship then please add this to your reading list of materials for pre-study.