“We cannot solve the problem of time through the conquest of space, through pyramids or fame. We can only solve the problem of time through sanctification of time. To men alone time is elusive; to men with God time is eternity in disguise.” The Sabbath

Only one word can truly summarize the overall scope of this book for the serious student of the Word of God: WOW. I will present a warning at the onset of this review that this book is not for the shallow student who desires to dwell along the coasts of the common but rather for those whose courage will take them into the deep of the unknown and often times controversial conversation.

While I do not agree with everything presented by Abraham Heschel I will present that through the dynamic and powerful presentation of the Sabbath from a mindset of cultural understanding in the Jewish world I am challenged in my current understanding of Who and What Jesus really was.

This is a book that has spurred many message and has presented thought-provoking analysis of New Testament principles. For example: Abraham Herschel presents that the Sabbath PREDATED the Jewish law and therefore regardless of mankind observing the Sabbath the day remained Holy. Nothing man could do could remove the sanctity and sacredness of the Sabbath. It was a DAY in which God consecrated and called Holy. From this analysis from Herschel I began to realize that this is why Jesus could walk through the stalks of corn on the Sabbath and give to His disciples to eat; why He could heal on the Sabbath.

Jesus PREDATED the Jewish Law and is why scripture makes it clear that Jesus was THE SABBATH. Come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you REST.

This is not easy reading and you will find that if you immerse yourself in the book it will take a focused period of study and careful concentration. It is well worth the money to purchase and I believe any serious student of the Word must have this book in their collection.