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The Search of Kings

It remains a convoluted line, the edges blurred, and the lens of correction panning in and out, creating a false perception of understanding. What am I speaking of? The line between teaching and preaching. Does anyone have an adequate answer to the fundamental difference between the two? Everyone seems to have their own personal jargon to explain the difference. However, regardless of catchy slogans, the last ten years within the church culture has seen a pendulum swing seeking to find a balance between the two.

Many preachers, once known to figuratively “breath fire” from the pulpits, sweat dripping from their reddened faces, and their body language a mixture of what appeared to be choreographed miming and a grand-mal seizure, are now seen on the edge of wooden bar stools, immaculately trimmed beards and goatees cutting the contours of their faces, and a look of serene, tranquil happiness to match their…

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