The Search of Kings

…it is the honor of kings to search out a matter. (Prov. 25:2)

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Tim_&_Amber_(51_of_57) What can be said about one’s self without first paying tribute to those that make greatness possible; family. As Rashi once stated when considering the failure of Adam and his revelation of Eve’s purpose (childbearing), and I paraphrase, “Adam realized he was now mortal and would succumb to death. However, as he listened to God speak about childbearing through the Woman, Adam exclaimed, ‘your name is now Eve for you shall be the mother of all living.’ Suddenly, Adam realized ‘there is a way to live forever!’ The answer was was to live forever through the future generations of one’s own children.”

God has blessed me more than I could possibly extol Him for…however, I will attempt each day to undergo that task of exclaiming His goodness. I have traveled across the nation and internationally for the past six years. I am the proud father of three boys and I am married to the most amazing woman in the world. This blog is a source of “expression”…a hobby, if you will. I have invested many years (relatively) into reading, studying, and writing. While I have very little time, I attempt to incorporate my personal studies into this blog in the hopes they will bless someone. Nothing means more to me than the Word of God and things surrounding God’s Word. I invite you into this world for just a little bit…read, share, comment…jump in!

Timothy C. Hadden

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